Album Review: The Shotgun Seat 

Michael Monroe Goodman’s ‘The Flag, The Bible and Bill Monroe’ is Traditional Country Gold 

By: Markus Meyer 

Recently emerging in the underground world of country music is traditionalist Michael Monroe Goodman. Hailing from Louisville, Kentucky, Goodman has constructed an album filled top-to-bottom with rich, well constructed traditional country music. Each track represents a throwback to the days of dominant steel guitar, and flows cohesively into the next. 

The Flag, The Bible and Bill Monroe is an album…

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Saving Country Music's Most Influential Albums of 2015 

In no particular order, aside from the first dozen or so records being considered the “Most Essential,” here are the 50 albums Saving Country Music deems it necessary you at least give a sniff if you want to get the full musical experience in 2015. That doesn’t mean these are the only worthy country music albums. They are presented in the spirit of filling in the holes between what you may already know about, not to reinforce how you already feel about certain albums or artists. As always, readers are…

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Saving Country Music Review of FBBM album 

In music, there’s these little cracks and crevices where certain artists or albums tend to fall and get lost, or hide from ears that would be eager to hear them if they only knew they were there. As music continuously becomes more cluttered from the endless choices and the advent of being able to stream virtually every song ever recorded at any moment, this problem becomes even more compounded. Some of what you find in those forgotten crevices are like the refuse in between couch cushions—old popcorn…

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Syracuse Article on My Faith 

'Ring of Fire' actor/musician finds greater purpose in performance through faith

American music icon Johnny Cash renewed his Christian faith after a long battle with alcohol and drug addiction. According to "Johnny Cash: The Biography" by Michael Streissguth, the reemergence of religion in Cash's life electrified the musician's artistry. From then on, Cash started working on gospel-oriented projects such as the book, "Man in White"; a film, "The Gospel Road"; and an…

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